A downloadable Siren for Windows

What if you found yourself trapped in a shipwreck, and stalked by a cryptid?

Siren Rex Maria is an immersive game balanced between Horror and Exploration.

It takes place in the wreck of a cruise ship from the 40's. Your goal as a diver is to discover the mysterious cause of the sinking. But like everyone before you, you weren't ready to face what's inside... Who's inside? What's inside?  What's real?

You'll have to search for clues, hide and explore breathtaking environments while you're slowly sinking into the depths of your own consciousness.

Hardware requirements  :

  • Keyboard and Mouse or Xbox Controller
  • OS: Windows 10 64 bits
  • GPU : GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (or equivalent)
  • CPU : Intel Core i7 (or equivalent)
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Hard drive free space : 6 GB

Install instructions

  • Download the file
  • Unzip it
  • Launch "SirenLauncher.exe"
  • Enjoy

Crew :

Anaya Idouakass : https://anayaidss.itch.io/  /  https://www.artstation.com/anaya_idss

Hugo Lafont : https://lafont.itch.io/  /  https://www.artstation.com/lafont

Léo Bergougnoux : https://sinhberg.itch.io/  /  https://www.artstation.com/sinhberg

Alexandre Bonnegarde Delisle : https://sadjay.itch.io/

Pierre Felius : https://pierre-felius.itch.io/  /  https://www.artstation.com/pierre_felius

Johann Theron : https://www.linkedin.com/in/johann-theron/

Maxime Duhamel : https://bl4ckcat.itch.io/

Collaborators :

Luc De Villars : https://www.linkedin.com/in/luc-de-villars-629594172/?originalSubdomain=fr

Serge Thiriet : https://www.linkedin.com/in/serge-thiriet-58a90948/?originalSubdomain=fr

La Fabrique De Monstres : https://www.lafabriquedemonstres.com/francais/index.html


Google Drive Game Link

Install instructions

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An error occured with the launcher, we decided to upload the game on Google Drive to allow next people to download it, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Development log


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any chance there's going to be a part 2? that ending left me wanting to keep going so badly!


Wow! Fantastic Game!

Thank you very much for you video and hope you enjoyed ! It means a lot for us ! :D

Seems like a cool game but it's unplayable. I can only navigate through the main menu with W, S and spacebar keys for some reason, my mouse cursor just flickers in and out of screen so I can't use it and after the game starts, the camera is fixed upwards and keeps rotating.

Download error. "hosted on an incompatible third-party website"


It says that it is hosted on an incompatible third-party website and is therefore unable to install.


Yes an error occurred on the launcher, that's why we decided to move the game to Google Drive to allow everyone to download it, thank you for your understanding!


there is to frame limiter.
my gpu ran at 100% the whole time.

Otherwise its pretty nice game but more scenes should be darker.


same here. can't play. download, launch, initializing, error. Bummer!

Hello ! Sorry for the inconvenience, the launcher error should be fixed now. In the hope you will be able to play ! :) 


i downloaded the game hoping i can explore this game myself after watching a few videos with it, but after i start the launcher it says initializing and i get an error  before pressing play, saying '' Unknown error, please try again, if the problem persists please contact the support '' any idea what can i do?

Hello and sorry for the inconvenience ! The launcher error should be fixed now and we hope you will be able to explore this mysterious shipwreck which is waiting...for you !


Wow, this game is absolutely beautiful. Your map making and lighting direction is phenomenal, as fun and interesting as the game itself is, I have to give props to the level design team especially. Loved everything about it, the non-tense moments are extremely peaceful and beautiful in a haunting way. 


Huge thanks for your comment it means a lot for us ! We worked hard to make the atmohpshere the most catchy as possible :)

What type of props is it ? :)

We are happy that you enjoyed the game, thanks again ! :D


Maritime horror games are a favourite of mine, and I particularly like this one! Great visuals and atmosphere!

Thank you so much for your message and glad to see that you liked it, and nice video ! Keep the great work :D 


Gave this a shot after seeing it on IGP's youtube, and thoroughly  enjoyed it, aside from a brief bug that wouldn't let me exit one of the rooms. The environment was hauntingly beautiful and the gameplay was solid, though the movement was a bit hard to control at times. Very much looking forward to seeing where this game goes in the future!

Sorry if you encountered a bug, however we hope you had a good experience and thank you for your review and compliment ! We are working hard to make this demo a real game :)


Greate game with amaising atmospferical voice acting and interesting story plot. Thanks for this brilliant horror-experience!

Thank you very much it means a lot for us ! We try our best to make this demo a real game :) 


This Game is really a Masterpiece! I could have played it for so much more hours. The ending and the creature is so mysterious. If you wanna take a look:


Hello and thank you very much ! And thank you for this great gameplay by the way, keep the great work ! :) 


This game looks GREAT!!!!! good work guys. Hope we can collab on a future gaming project.


Wow! such a nice game! The ending was brilliant with the player feeling like your starting to loose sense of reality, and that music helped emphasize that feeling! I really want to play more!

Thank you very much for your feedback ! We really wanted how the diver goes crazy with the hallucination etc...

We are doing our best to keep this game going ! 


I played it through to the end and I think it was pretty cool. I like how you have to use a controller. it was suspenseful at times. I couldn't find a hiding spot so I hid in the corner and it worked. id rate 7/10

Thank you so much for your feedback and we are glad you liked it ! 

Yes you can hide where you want but the most important is that you survived ! :)


Good Game!! Really had fun with this one, even if it didn't scare pud.


Thanks we appreciate your feedback and the gameplay is very cool ! :)

Hello, when I launch the game it says press any button to continue but nothing happens no matter how many buttons I press it wont go past the launching screen!

Are you using an Xbox controller ?

No, and I removed my controllers just in case. Normal keyboard and mouse

The game is currently playable only with an Xbox controller.


Really good game, hope to see more of those ! I will keep an eye on these team !


Un jeu beaucoup trop beau et prenant ! Les graphismes époustouflant et du jolis gameplays ! Allez y c'est gratuit en plus FONCEZ une pépite ! 

A very good game and it's just a student project so it's really awesome and crazy ! 

(1 edit) (+2)

This was very, very good. It's extremely polished, and the scares are good. When I got to the end, I realised that I would definitely buy/play a full length version of this!

It actually felt a little like an SCP game, with mysterious societies and weird creatures, if you're into that sort of thing. But with a Bioshock/Subnautica vibe going on. I'll absolutely be following the studio to see what comes next!

Here's a video, if you want to see someone flail around underwater for a while ;)


Awesome game, just wish there was more....


Man watched this on YouTube. Heartbroken to discover it was only a tech or concept demo :(


ohhhh my GOD, i watched someone play this on youtube- i'm completely and utterly heartbroken that it's essentially a demo-type thing- i guess a concept build?? oh that lead up was SO GOOD, i can almost physically feel the disappointment that it doesn't continue!!!


Thank you very much for your feedback ! We are currently discussing about the continuation of the game, but keep in mind nothing is certain at the moment. :)


Hi, I wrote the dialogue and did consulting for the technical details in Narcosis, another undersea horror game. Have you played it? I'm curious if perhaps you have need of either a dialogue writer or marine engineering technical consultant. I have been writing horror since 2012 and a great deal of my oeuvre is undersea horror fiction. 


Hi! We did come across Narcosis while looking for game references. We won't be needing that right now but if we do in the future we'll remember you, thanks a lot for reaching out!


I still can't believe this game is FREE! It is such a well made game and had such a tense atmosphere and was sooo scary! It gave me some hardcore Subnautica vibes and I enjoyed everything this game was. 10/10 from me! Video Linked Below!

Thanks a ton, we loved watching your video!


Awesome!! I like the sound, I like the atmosphere. It's too short. Very good job guys and thank you!! I hope a second chapter :)!!


Thank you so much, we're glad you enjoyed it!


I would love to play it however I don't have controller and I am used to mouse + keyboard so I hope devs are going to add support for it.


It's nice to see a horror game taking place in the ocean, I feel not many games do that nowadays. Would love to see more of/like this and explore the dark depths! Keep up the good work! Definitely gonna look at your other games!


Thank you very much and nice gameplay ! (Loved the thumbnail btw ahah)

Glad you loved it ! 

(7 edits) (+3)

Excellent game! The atmosphere and graphics are incredible, and I love all the work that went into the little details in every room. The ship feels really authentic — I can't commend you enough for how awesome the Rex Maria looks.

I did experience a fair bit of lag, which is unusual as I can run Cyberpunk 2077 with very little trouble — this was true even when I turned off my recording software and played through a second time. There may be more optimization you can do. I would have loved more chase/hiding situations as well — you do an excellent job creating dread but I never really felt the *danger* of the Siren.

Absolutely loved playing this, and I can't wait to continue the story!


You can check out my Let's Play here!


Thank you for your feedback and your video is great ! :D

For the optimization it is normal we use realistics textures and the biggest part of the level to render is the outside and normally when we enter in C1 Corridor it is better :)


"The ambiance is Kammarheit - The Poignant"

Kammarheit dans un JV ? C'est pour moi ! \o/


Please add Keyboard and Mouse support!

how do i uninstall the game? cant find the files

Simply delete the folder where the launcher is :) 

(1 edit) (+2)

Streaming play this game? ok or no?

Of course you can stream it :)


Thank you for answering.  

You are welcome :)


Will there be a continuation of this game?


Nothing is certain at the moment


awesome stuff

Many thanks! :)


i love it at first i was stuck on one part with the code but i eventually got the code also there is one question in the game while i was playing there was a slight ambience very relaxing ambience do you know the name of it? 

Thank you for the feedback and happy that you found the code ! 

The ambiance is Kammarheit - The Poignant :) 


thank you!! god bless you.

No problem ! And thank you ! :)


incredible work, you should consider making this a full game


Thank you very much, it means a lot to us!

The game looks great but not adding the Keyboard and Mouse support is not a good idea.


Hi was gonna try the game today, but i'm having problem, i downloaded and installed the game properly, when i start the game and it says "press on any button" only button E works and then the manu shows up, after it shows up, no buttons work, no mouse, no arrows, no nothing. i don't know how to start the game lmao

Hey, you need a Xbox controller to play the game ;)

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