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The world has been destroyed, and this apocalypse came by a volcanic disaster.
Few among the human race survive in a giant shelter called, The Dome.
Now all the surface of the earth is full of ashes, on the ground, on the air.
200 years laters a team of survivors, who get banned from the Dome, is going to find their way in this world  and warn them of a new cataclysm.
 Without any hope to survive, Petra, Zephyr, Alba and Maxwell will start their journey in an hostile world, in seek of the Dome.


Cendres est un jeu vidéo réalisé par les étudiants en 3e année de formation Game Design à l'ETPA de Toulouse : Bastien Bagneris, Thomas Boyer, Tony Douezan, Matteo Gaulmier, Hugo Mitton, Julien Payssan, Ugo Zatta. Bande son : François Rivere.

Le monde a été ravagé par une catastrophe volcanique d’ampleur apocalyptique. Une partie de la population à réussi à survivre dans une superstructure, appelée le Dôme. La surface du globe est encore recouverte de cendres en suspension dans le ciel et sur la terre. 200 ans plus tard, un groupe de survivants, des exilés, vont se retrouver confrontés à la menace d’une nouvelle catastrophe. Sans autre espoir de survie, Petra, Zephyr, Alba et Maxwell vont entamer un voyage de retour vers l’endroit d’où ils ont été exilés : Le Dôme.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing, Survival


Cendres_Full.zip 226 MB

Install instructions

  1. Téléchargez le jeu / Download the game
  2. Dézippez le dossier / Unzip the file
  3. Jouable avec souris ou tablette / Can be played with mouse or tablet


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What a solid student project! Good scope (not too ambitious). Keen to explorer a mechanic we've seen before - but doing it well (actually moving, not just clicking story options), and tight visual/audio connectedness (erm, you know what I mean). Nice work! Here's my playthrough!


Despite this being entirely in French, of which I speak none, I had to at least try this out. And I have to say it was a blast not understanding any of it. It really led to a sense of wonder and fear due to my inability to interpret the given situations and played into my not being able to respond to them properly. I really felt like I was thrown into an unknown world and all I could understand were my core needs. Food, water, heat. I still have no idea what happened, but I had fun!


Thx for this review CoalFire ! Crazy Challenge  to try an adventure game in French without knowing any words :)
English translation will be available during the end of september, the team is on it !

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Hello CoalFire, as promised, the english translation is on ! have fun :)