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Fall Of Desento is a platform and exploration game where you play as Nora, a mysterious woman whose world is ravaged by a constantly growing vortex. 

To save Nora's world,  player will have to beat the ticking clock by using her fast movement skills in optimum ways. Rushing through the ruins of Nora lost civilization, player will have to reach the heart of the vortex before it completely swallows everything... 

Opaque Studio is a fictive studio made by seven students of the ETPA Rennes school. Fall of Desento is our graduation project, each of us contributes to project tasks within our particular skillsets, design, art, programming, project management, 3D modelisation and animation.


Team :


Valentin Pivot-Lemée

Game Designer / 3D Artist / Environnement Artist / Texture Artist / co-Producer

Damien Le Mâl 

 Game Designer / Programmeur / Animation 3D / co-Producer

Mathieu Cabot

Co-Producer / Game Designer / 3D Artist/ VFX

Coline Landemaine

Game Designer / DA / Concept Artist / Illustrator/  Narrative Design

Guillaume Mariette

Game Designer / 3D Artist / UI Designer 

Charles Remande

Game designer / Level designer / 3D Artist

Luna Simoes

Game designer / Narrative Designer / Level Designer



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